Create a business that lets you live the life of your dreams

Empowering you to build a business and life you love. Full of freedom and abundance. Whatever that might look like for you


Business Coach

I support you in building a business and life you love. It is figureoutable on your own. Guidance just makes it easier and more fun! 

I’m a business coach that doesn’t believe the 6 figure business is for everybody

I give you the tools and knowledge to start living on your own terms. For some that does mean a 6 figure business. While others dream of making just enough to live comfortably on a tropical island. 

I believe entrepreneurship is the vehicle to create the life of your dreams. 

Whatever that might look like for you. 

Transforming lives, one dream at a time

So, you’re probably here because you want a more fulfilling life. You’re seeking your path to freedom. You know that running a business isn’t a goal. It’s simply a vehicle to create your dream life. 
In my 12 week 1-on-1 coaching program we start by defining your what dream life looks like. We visualize a life that makes you jump out of bed energized, happy and excited. Every single day.  You learn business skills and tools while we also work on your mindset. So, you can keep creating your dream life. Over and over again. Even if your circumstances or dreams change along the way. 

Why work with me

I’m the living example of creating a life you love regardless of your circumstances. I have been running my business location independent for the past three years. Starting out in Shanghai and now from a tropical island in the Philippines. I spend the majority of my time on a tiny island called Boracay and switch it up by city life in Manila or Amsterdam.  

I have a track record of helping business owners grow their companies. My clients are global citizens. Enjoying a freedom lifestyle on a daily basis while running profitable businesses. They carved out their ideal lifestyle. Making money doing what they love. Ranging from coaching to running a craft beer brewery group. 

And ofcourse. I bring my a-game to the table. I have over a decade of experience in marketing, business growth and personal development. completed a MSc in Business Strategy and Organization. I’m a self-development junkie. Because I know that your business can only grow as fast as you grow yourself. So, I’m currently in training to become a certified Life Coach and NLP Master



What you'll get

1-on-1 coaching on business strategy, mindset and marketing
Get more clarity, stay focused and grow with ease
I am your accountability partner and coach
You learn the tools and knowledge
to run a profitable business
and life in freedom 

The program

You’ll get more clarity, stay focused and grow with ease. I’m your cheerleader, accountability partner and will share my knowledge and experience. As your sparring partner I’ll guide you through the process from identifying your dream life to creating a strong business fundament.  

The program consists of three steps:

  • Your dream life vision
  • Your business fundament
  • Your mindset



We look at your ideal client, revenue model, your marketing fundamentals and more. 




I’m so proud to have worked with amazing people from all corners of the world. I’ve helped transform their marketing, business strategies and company cultures. All while empowering them to continue on their own. Here’s an impression of what others say about me. 

Ilona's unique view on organizing companies and creativity make her a great Marketing and Business Strategist. We've worked together for 3+ years. She formulated our marketing strategy and helped us win the Best Craft Beer Bar of the Year Award 2017 and 2019 in the That's Shanghai F&B Industry Awards.
Craft Beer Brewery Founder

After I created my dream life vision we analyzed my business. We created a clear action plan to strengthen my business and relaunch it. 

Ilona is a great sparring partner. She learnt me new business skills and tools. We restyled my marketing materials. They now look more fabulous than ever! 

Lifestyle coach
I'm starting my business as a life coach. I plan to open a holistic yoga- and life coach center.

I joined Ilona's 12-week program to build my business faster with less obstacles. She structures the info she gives me to avoid overwhelm. She gives me more structure, clarity and focus. .
Life coach in training