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Is your business running you?

The question is, are you running your business? Or is your business running you? 

We've all been there. The point where you became the hardest working employee of your own business. Working more hours than you are willing. You're overwhelmed, your to-do list seems to magically grow overnight and you start to doubt if this business is going to give you the freedom you dream of.  

If you dream of ditching your hourly fee, creating your signature offering and start living your dream life. My program is for you!

Create your dream life
You’re one decision away from living your best life

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I believe in building a business you don't need a vacation from

A business that gives you a vacation feeling every day. Giving you lot's of freedom and peace of mind as you know the revenue will keep coming in. A business that funds your dream lifestyle. While every day bringing you one step closer to financial freedom.

I strongly believe you shouldn’t wait to live your dream life until your retire. I believe your business can facilitate your dream life now. Regardless of what your dream life looks like. Some days it might be hanging out with your family, while other days you want to do voluntary work or even travel the world.

I believe in building a business that funds your dream lifestyle.

“Time is your scarcest resource. It’s non-renewable. Spend it wisely. Start building the business to live the life of your dreams today.”

My business gives me .

Are you ready to level up?

Join the 1-on-1 coaching program to build your business fundament.
Get more clarity, stay focused and grow with more ease. I am your accountability partner and coach. You learn the tools and knowledge to run a profitable business and life in freedom.

What my clients say

I’m so proud to have worked with amazing people from all corners of the world. I’ve helped transform their businesses and their lives. All while empowering them to continue on their own. 

Here’s an impression of what my clients say about me.   

I had been on a quest to find the right coach to go next level with my business. I found lots of social media experts and business coaches that wanted to teach me how to completely redesign my company. Nothing felt right. Until Ilona gave me a few simple tips. That's the moment I felt I found what I was looking for: someone who clearly sees the bigger picture, who has a helicopter view and guides you from the sidelines, who is a strategy advisor for your projects and someone who knows everything about social media from a practical and analytical perspective.

The result of working with her was everything I hoped for. I highly recommend Ilona as a business coach who advises, acts as a sparring partner and is knowledgeable of all business aspects. If you want to work with an active sidekick, Ilona is your go-to person. She'll see your potential in no-time. She quickly sees how you work, how your business is organized and how those two factors can create YOUR desired result.

Josje de Klerk coach
Josje de Klerk
Mindset en Manifestatie coach in The Netherlands
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