What is Customer Experience

Definition of Customer Experience

Customer Experience is the total of interactions a customer has with your brand and the perception he/she has about these interactions.  

It shows the relationship between the company and the customer; i.e. all thoughts, feelings and interactions that take place between the company and the customer. 


Why Customer Experience matters

Customer Experience is vital to a company’s success as it can result in less contact with the customer service department and generate repeat purchases. And who knows, it might even turn loyal customers into ambassadors! 

Therefore Customer Experience is closely linked to CRM a.k.a. Customer Relationship Management. 


So what to do?

Each interaction a customer has with your brand influences their experience. So, it’s important to figure out all the touch-points in the customer life-cycle and identify how well you’re doing during all interactions.

Your company might offer an excellent product with a great sales technique but if the order processing isn’t going that well it can influence the overall customer experience. 



Managing the customers’ perception is important to your company’s overall health. Evaluating and improving the customer experience is a continuous process that should be high on everyone’s agenda.