The 5-star experience

When thinking about the ultimate customer experience in the luxury travel industry there’s one resort that stands out. It’s the Shangri-La on Boracay.

Everything in the Shangri-La breaths ultimate customer experience. Let us give you a glimpse into their welcoming experience.

The moment you arrive at the airport of Caticlan you step into the blissful world of Shangri-La. A friendly host brings you to the exclusive Shangri-La ‘Welcome Lounge.’

While you wait only a few minutes for your luggage to “magically” end up on the speedboat you’ll receive a cold towel that’s scented with the Shangri-La signature fragrance. Feeling tired? Refuel with a freshly brewed N’espresso coffee or refreshing cucumber water.

With this procedure, the resort let’s you skip booking a ferry ticket, finding the ferry and then a tricycle, driving for 30+ minutes over a dusty road to arrive exhausted and already cranky at the hotel. Tiring isn’t it?

Right, let’s go back to the boat trip. The speedboat takes you for a spectacular tour along famous White Beach. While you’re taking in the first glimpse of Boracay, the speedboat brings you hassle free to the resort.

In the resort you’re greeted with calamansi juice (a native citrus hybrid) decorated with a local flower. The receptionist completes your check-in while you sip your welcome-drink on a comfortable sofa.

When you’re ready the receptionist walks you all the way to your room and wishes you a pleasant stay.

That’s an experience worth remembering isn’t it?

It’s so different from other hotels.

Usually, you’ll have to find your way to the hotel by yourself. Or book an expensive pick-up service. When you arrived, you’ll be waiting in-line to arrange your check-in. Upon completion, the receptionist hands you your key and points you to the elevator while wishing you a pleasant stay.

Two very different experiences, aren’t they?

In both hotels you get the same result: You end up in your hotel room. But the experience is very different.

Every company has several interactions with their customers. It’s up to you to make them memorable. You can start by evaluating the welcoming process of potential customers.

Are you ready to create experiences worth remembering?

The coming weeks I’ll share insights on how to wow your customers with impeccable service regardless of your industry.