About us

We’re living in an exciting era where customers buy from you because they like who you are, what you & your business stand for (your ‘Why’) and because of how your brand makes them feel.

About me

With a background in hospitality, retail and marketing I look at companies from a different perspective. It’s my mission to transfer the excellent customer experience offered in 5-star hotels to other industries. 

When you can virtually all sell the same product or service what sets you apart is your customer experience. The way you interact with your (potential) customers both online- and offline. When you transform buying from you into an experience worth remembering you turn customers into ambassadors.  

What I believe

So, I strongly believe the excellent customer experience offered in 5-star hotel are transferable to other industries. 

My mission

It’s my mission to help companies create a customer experience that turns customers into ambassadors. 

How I learnt the importance of customer experience

Recognizing experiences into every interaction between a company and its (potential) customers has been thought to me ever since my first job in my parents organic supermarket. 

Back then, each customer was difficult to reach and even harder to retain. Organic food was still rather expensive and there was a lot of competition. Despite being located in a less developed area of the city we managed to create a highly loyal customer base that kept coming back for years. 

We achieved this by one very simple rule. Every interaction is a chance to ‘wow’ the customer and turn grocery shopping into an experience. 

Here’s an example. When the cashier noticed the line at checkout became long the bakery department would be notified. They would cut some of our freshly baked pastries to serve to the customers as a little snack while waiting. 

This win-win situation created an experience worth remembering:

  • Happy customers as they got distracted and tasted a new product. 
  • Happy staff as it gave an opportunity to promote new products and avoid complaints for the long waiting time.  


People buy from people.

There's only one YOU. The experience you offer is unique. Together we make sure your uniqueness is presence in all customer interactions with your company.

I am here to help you provide 5-star service to all your customers.


Be the Apple of your industry

In a world where you're competitors are not only located around the block but reach all the way to China your customer experience becomes even more important.

Make buying from you an experience.


5-star experience in all industries

I'm on a mission to spread the 5-star hotel service and experiences to other industries.

Because buying from you should be fun, easy and inspiring.

Let's turn customers into ambassadors!

Want to know how I can help create experience worth remembering?
E-mail me at info@exploressa.com