Business Strategist and coach

Hi, I'm Ilona,

Business coach, idea machine and global citizen.

When I started my business it was my dream run a location independent business. A business that I can bring along wherever I go. So far I’ve worked from places like Jeju in Korea, Rome in Italy, and Shanghai in China. 

I want to live life on my terms. To do so, I strive towards financial freedom and multiple income streams. I want to enjoy life now instead of after retirement. It has one BIG reason

My mother passed away in her early 50s. She and my father always dreamed of their retirement. They would travel Europe with their caravan for months in a row. She never made her retirement.  

After my mom passed away, I made a decision that changed my life. I decided to start living on my own terms. Experiencing all the activities that I want and travel where I want. I stepped into the role of CEO. Now, I live a life full of amazing experiences while running my business location independent. 

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Are you ready to build a business that works for you?

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My vision on entrepreneurship

Keep your business strategy simple. 

It gives you peace of mind and freedom. So you get more time for what truly matters. A profitable business isn’t a goal in itself, it’s a tool to live the life of your dreams.  

I’m on a mission to ensure that women are never asked again how their “little” business is doing. They are financially free. They run their business like a CEO and live life to the fullest.

In my program we create a solid business foundation. I teach you the entrepreneurial skills needed to build a profitable business. So you can also life life on your own terms.  


“Step into the role of CEO and create more freedom. Freedom to spend time with your friends and family, travel the world or do voluntary work!”
CEO of my business
Years helping businesses grow
Years living globally

Get to know me better

The tropical pictures on my website and Insta feed might give away that I currently live in paradise. Also known as Boracay. This tiny island in the Philippines is my home away from home.  

In the following slides you can learn some random facts about me. 

I started my first business in primary School
Selling tea tree oil to parents of classmates with head lice. #dirtybusiness isn't it?!
Growing up I dreamed of being an archelogist
or garbage collector. Until I found out it meant dirty hands and creepy crawlies all day everyday. No thanks!
Digital Nomad
My company is 100% location independent. All I need is my laptop, phone, wifi and coffee. Yes, definitely coffee
I'm a bookworm
I love to read business books, self-development books and easy beach reads. To the point that as a young firl I joined the Dutch children's book jury.
I'm a Foodie
I'm a self proclaimed Foodie. I even plan my travels around good food and drinks. #hotelloatheart
Travel lover
At age 17 I studied International Hospitality Management to launch an international career. Since then, I worked in hospitality in the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and China.
Global Citizen
At one point in my life I moved to 3 different continents in 3 years. From Europe to Oceania and Asia.