Hi, I'm Ilona

Business Coach

Entrepreneur | Idea Machine | Global Citizen

Helping you build a business you don't need a vacation from

A business that gives you a vacation feeling every day. 

Giving you freedom and abundance. Whatever that might look like for you. You might dream of spending more time with your family, do voluntary work or travel the world.  

When I started my business it was my dream to have a ‘business in my bag.’ A business that I can bring along wherever I want to be. So far I’ve worked from places like Jeju in Korea, Rome in Italy and Shanghai in China.

Running a location independent business is a dream come true! I spend some months of the year hanging out with my friends and family back home. While having the option to feed my travel bug whenever I want. 

The tropical pictures on my website and Insta feed might give away that I live in paradise. Also known as Boracay. This tiny island in the Philippines is my home away from home.  

I would love to get to know you!  


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Years running my business
Years helping businesses grow
Years living globally
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Am I the right Business Coach for you?

When you work with me I dedicate my knowledge and experience from over a decade to our session. You’ll find my credentials below.  Book a free call and find out if I can help you. 

MSc Business Strategy & Organization and more  

  • MSc in Business Administration – Strategy and Organization of companies.
  • Bachelor in International Hospitality Management.
  • NLP Master and coach in training
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R. Covey certification.
  • Over a decade in marketing, business growth and coaching globally.

Why I believe in the value of coaching for business and personal growth 

Coaching can help you break through the patterns and limiting beliefs that hold you back in business and life 

My fascination for personal development and changing behavior started while I studied business strategy. I wrote two extensive dissertations about leadership and changing behavior of people in companies. 

I’m dedicated to help you build a business and life you love. I strongly believe your business can only grow as fast as you personally grow. That’s why I am currently working towards becoming an internationally certified NLP Master and Life Coach.  

Get to know me better

Now you’ve read all the way until here I would like to share some random facts about me. I would also love to hear from you. You can send some random facts about you via Instagram DM.

I started my first business in primary School
Selling tea tree oil to parents of classmates with head lice. #dirtybusiness isn't it?!
Growing up I dreamed of being an archelogist
or garbage collector. Until I found out it meant dirty hands and creepy crawlies all day everyday. No thanks!
Digital Nomad
My company is 100% location independent. All I need is my laptop, phone, wifi and coffee. Yes, definitely coffee
I'm a bookworm
I love to read business books, self-development books and easy beach reads. To the point that as a young firl I joined the Dutch children's book jury.
I'm a Foodie
I'm a self proclaimed Foodie. I even plan my travels around good food and drinks. #hotelloatheart
Travel lover
At age 17 I studied International Hospitality Management to launch an international career. Since then, I worked in hospitality in the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and China.
Global Citizen
At one point in my life I moved to 3 different continents in 3 years. From Europe to Oceania and Asia.

My journey to become a Business Coach


Business Coaching

Coaching entrepreneurs to build the business of their dreams.

Giving you more freedom. As a global citizen like me or from the comfort of your home. Your business, your choice.



Marketing & Business Consultant

The start of Exploressa!

Helping entrepreneurs in China and the Netherlands grow companies.



Global Citizen in the Making

It all started with a one-way ticket to Australia.


Up to 2015

Campaign marketeer & more

I landed my first corporate gig before I graduated. 

Worked my way from head office back to the outlets and in a task force gaining insights about growing a multimillion brand. 

Up to 2015


MSc Business Administration

Strategy and organization of companies

Learning how the multinationals organize their businesses and how to translate it for my clients.



Hospitality Management

Creating unforgettable experiences

It’s all about hospitality, excellent customer service and creating experiences (Cx).

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