Become a
Digital Nomad

Running a location independent business gives you all the freedom you desire.

Whether that means running the business from the comfort of your home or while you’re exploring new countries as a digital nomad. As long as you have wifi and a laptop (and a good coffee) you’re good to go!

From the moment I started my entrepreneurial journey I decided my company needed to be 100% location independent. Especially since I my time between the Netherlands and the Philippines.

Having a business-on-the-go as a digital nomad suits my lifestyle completely.

As a Digital Nomad

  • The world is my office.
  • I can work whenever I want. No need to wait for office hours.
  • I live on two different continents.
  • I created a company around my lifestyle instead of fitting my life around work.
  • But above all it means I can help clients from all over the world regardless of my current location.

Want to become a digital nomad and work online?

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This is for you if you’re interested in the digital nomad lifestyle or want to create/transform a business that you can run from home or wherever you want to be. It’s also for you if you’re secretly curious if your job can be transformed into an online business. The answer… Probably YES!

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How your current job or hobby can be turned into a profitable online business

While working in Shanghai as a Mandarin teacher for expats I dreamt of moving back to my hometown and travel more. I was afraid it would stay a dream because Mandarin teaching jobs are mainly available in the big cities.

When I booked a session with Ilona she showed me plenty of opportunities to transform my job into an online business.

Ilona helped me to transform my job into a profitable online service and helped me launch my business.

I now teach Mandarin to students from Australia. 


Tina Liu