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You started your business to experience more freedom

To spend more time your family, do voluntary work or travel the world. Right? You wanted to be a force of change and inspire your community while you have the freedom to work whenever and wherever you want. To work from home, or that nice cafe around the corner. You know, the one with the silky smooth cappuccinos. 

Do you recognize this?

  • You wake up overwhelmed & unsure where to start.
  • You to-do list seems to magically grow overnight.
  • Your brain is a jumble of ideas and opportunities.
  • While you think about it, you could use some focus.
  • Your clients are deciding a lot, leaving you feeling out of control.
  • Your earnings are not aligned with the hours you put in.
  • You have big dreams but that little voice in your head keeps popping up.
  • That same little voice is leaving you insecure about your next step.
  • Getting you in the vicious cycle of uncertainty about how much revenue you'll make next month.
  • All of this is simply stressing you out, leaving you exhausted.
  • You keep going because you're a hard worker and KNOW you have so much value to offer. But just need a break.
ilona coaching

My business gives me .

Wouldn't it be great if your business...

  • Brings in revenue, even when you rest.
  • Is flexible and let’s you work anywhere around the world.
  • Has a simple strategy.  
  • Could be (funding) a passive money making machine. 
  • Has a revenue model based on your expertise and not on hourly fees. 
  • Creates more free time to live the life of your dreams.

...breaks through your current revenue ceiling, graduates from charging per hour, starts to let you earn your worth?!

The program

How I help purpose driven service providers build a business that gives them a holiday feeling everyday

In the program you lay the foundation for a business that gives you a vacation feeling everyday. My signature 3-step program guides you from identifying your unique skills & talents, selecting your ideal client & niche to creating a strategic product offering that fits your ideal lifestyle. 

Read more about the 3 steps below.

1. About You

Building a business that's uniquely you.

Discover who you are as a person. What drives you, your unique talent & skills and your dream lifestyle.

In this module we create your dream life vision. You want to build a business that's centered around who you really are and how you want to live your life.

The result is more insight into who you are, what drives you and your dream life vision.

2. Clients & Niche

Your ideal client and niche you serve.

Getting clear on which client you serve. Selecting a small niche so you can become a client magnet. 

In this module you create the profile of your ideal client. You pick a small niche so you can become the go-to person of your industry. 

The result is a clear client profile and a small niche to serve.

3. Your Offering

Creating a strategic product offering. 

Designing your signature business concept with a strategic product and/or service offering. 

In this module you create a strategic product offering that guides your potential clients through the customer journey. Getting them excited to work with you. 

The result is a business concept and offer for each phase of the customer journey.

This is what you get

3 months coaching

A  1-on-1 coaching tailor made program  

  • 8x 2 hour coach calls through Zoom. 
  • Action plan after each session. 
  • Homework and feedback.
  • Weekly contact through e-mail and WhatsApp.
  • Access to the online academy to prepare for our sessions.
  • How I help you

    I'm your business coach, accountability partner and cheerleader

    You get more clarity and focus while you lay the foundation for a business that gives you a vacation feeling every day. 

    I'll guide you through the process from envisioning your dream life to creating a strong business fundament. I will share my knowledge and experience with you. Together, we set goals that help you manifest your dream life. All while experiencing more fun, focus and freedom while you run your location independent business.  

    Let's build a business you don't need a vacation from!

    Check if you qualify

    We're a match if you

    • Committed to do the work
    • Ready to take full responsibility for your personal and business growth
    • Willing to break through limiting beliefs
    • Willing to get over your bullsh*t and show up
    • Ready to take action, take responsibility and keep figuring it out until it works
    • Excited, enthusiastic and a go-getter that’s ready to start NOW
    • Looking for someone to coach you, keep you accountable and cheer you on

    We're not a match if you

    • Look for someone to do the work for you
    • Hope money will roll into your account magically
    • Feel like investing in yourself is an expense
    • Want someone else to fix the problems in your life and business

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    ilona business coach

    Hi, I'm Ilona

    I believe in building a business that gives you a holiday feeling everyday.

    A business that gives you a vacation feeling every day. Giving you lot's of freedom and peace of mind as you know the revenue will keep coming in. 

    I strongly believe you shouldn't wait to live your dream life until your retire. I believe your business can facilitate your dream life. Whatever that might look like for you. This could be hanging out with your family, doing voluntary work or traveling the world.    

    Let's build a business you don't need a vacation from!

    “I’m a business coach by trade and a traveller, Foodie and global citizen by heart. I can often be found drinking cappuccino in a cozy cafe or tucked away on the couch with a good book. “

    What my clients say

    I’m so proud to have worked with amazing people from all corners of the world. I’ve helped transform their businesses and their lives. All while empowering them to continue on their own. 

    Here’s an impression of what my clients say about me.   

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