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Two hour session in which we go from idea’s and chaos to structure and formulate an action plan. 

You tell me what you want to achieve and I’ll structure your idea into an actionable step-by-step plan that gives you focus and momentum.

The result

You know exactly which goal you want to achieve, the steps to get there and feel empowered to take immediate action.

Level Up

In a 4-hour session we zoom out and focus on the bigger picture.

We’ll create or adjust your business plan, marketing strategy and formulate an action plan.   

The result

You start to think big, take massive action and feel empowered to gain momentum!  

Accountability check-in

The next 3 months we’ll have a monthly accountability check-in via Skype. 

In the meantime, don’t be shy to e-mail if you want to share your wins, ask questions or need a bit of cheering on when things get challenging. 

I’ve got your back!

Next Level

Ready to think big and grow your business to the next level?

The Next Level program is for you if you want to take massive action and see real results. But only if you want to commit and break through your limiting beliefs.

The 6-month program starts with a 4-hour kick-off session. After 3 months we’ll sit down for 4-hours to adjust, align and improve your strategies for the next phase. We’ll conclude the program with another 4-hour session after which you’ll walk away with the next set of actionable steps to continue your growth.

 The result

You’re taking massive action, grow your business and gain momentum!

And you’ll get more

Monthly accountability check-in for the full 6 month period. Between the sessions you can e-mail me to share your wins, ask questions or when you need a bit of cheering on when things get challenging. 

I’ve got your back! 

The Next Level program is invite-only. Send me a DM on Instagram or e-mail me to have a free first consult.

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