Are you running your business?

Or is your business running you?

Step into the role of CEO and build a business that works for you. So you get more time for things that really matter.

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You started your business to experience more freedom

You dream of a business that works for you. A business in which you only do what you do best. So you get more time for what really matters. Spending more time with your family, voluntary work or traveling. 

You dream of financial freedom, more free time and the opportunity to work whenever you want, wherever you want. In order to do that you need to run your business as a CEO. Take control. Start running your business like a pro. 

The sky is the limit if you start running your business as a CEO! 

Do you recognize this?

Business coach ilona

You secretly dream of this

Business coach ilona

How would it be if you

The Next Journey program

A 3-month business coaching program

In 3 months we’ll discover what makes you unique, who your ideal client is and we create a strategic product offering for your business. An offering that’s a perfect fit for the pain of your ideal client and that fits your ideal lifestyle. After all, a profitable business is a means to an end. 

The great thing is. You don’t have to do it alone. As a business coach and -strategist, accountability partner and cheerleader I’m there for you. I share my knowledge and experience with you. This makes growing your business more fun and it goes more smoothly.

For who is the program?

The program is designed for entrepreneurs that want to go next level. Entrepreneurs that want to build a profitable business that works for them. For entrepreneurs that are done slogging away and want to step into the CEO role. 

It’s for you if you no longer want to be the hardest working employee of your own business. If you want to create time for the things that truly matter. Such as spending time with you family and friends, more time for your hobbies or traveling.


The program is a great fit for entrepreneurs such as coaches, copywriters, content creators, and marketers. 

What is the result?

You have a clear business strategy and strategic product offering. You experience more fun and freedom while running your business. You can focus on selling and growing your business. You stepped into the role of CEO!

The program

The elements of a business that you can run as a CEO

1. About You

A business that fits your dream lifestyle

Discover who you are as a person. What drives you, your unique talent & skills and your dream lifestyle.

In this module you create your dream life vision. You want to build a business that fits you and your ideal lifestyle. A business where you utilize your knowledge, experience and talents.  

At the end of the module you have more insight into who you are, what drives you and what your dream life looks like.

Isn't it cool that this info can go straight to your 'about me' page?!

2. Clients & Niche

Your ideal client and niche

With who would you love to work. Selecting a small niche so you can become a client magnet. 

In this module you create an ideal client profile. You pick a small niche so you can become the go-to person of your industry. 

The result of this module is a clear understanding of who your ideal client is. What keeps your ideal client up at night and where you can find her. After all, you want to help her!

You know exactly who your ideal client is and how you can reach her.

3. Your Offering

A strategic product offering

Designing your signature business concept with a strategic product and/or service offering. 

In this module you create a strategic product offering that guides your clients through the customer journey. Guiding them through the know-like-trust cycle. 

The result is a business concept and offer for each phase of the customer journey. 

This info goes straight to your 'services' page. You can start selling with confidence. 

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  • 6 hours of coaching
  • Action plan after each session
  • Strategy and planning in Trello
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Business coach lifestyle

Hi, I'm Ilona

I believe in building a business that works for you.

A business that you run as a CEO. A business that lets you experience freedom and gives you peace of mind. You know that revenue keeps coming in. You’re on the path towards financial freedom.

Don’t wait until retirement to live your dream life. Your business can facilitate your dream life now. Regardless of what your dream life looks like. Some days it might be hanging out with your family, while other days you want to do voluntary work or travel the world. Maybe you want to live on a tropical island like me.

The sky is the limit if you start running your business as a CEO.

“I’m a business coach by trade and a traveller, foodie and global citizen by heart. I can often be found drinking cappuccino in a cozy cafe or tucked away on the couch with a good book. “


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