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Uplevel your business in an Explore Session

Do you want to know how you can take the first step towards a business that works for you? Do you want to discover how you can work online, so you can work location independent? It can be from your kitchen table or from a tropical destination as a digital nomad. The choice is yours. 

Maybe you’re dreaming of passive income. And are you wondering how you can create a system that consistently generates new leads, customers and revenue. 

In this 4-hour session we analyze your current product/service offering and the customer journey. Are these aligned? We will identify possible “gaps” and identify opportunities to generate more leads.

We will talk about possible new revenue models for your business or how you could create your own digital product. 

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Explore Session

A 4-hour strategic session

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  • The process:
  • You share your questions, challenges and other topics you want to discuss during our session
  • I send you a questionnaire to prepare for our session
  • During the session we analyze your current offering, identify "gaps" and discover opportunities to generate more leads. We talk about possible new revenue models for your business. 
Business coach lifestyle

Hi, I'm Ilona

I believe in building a business that works for you.
A business that you run as a CEO. A business that lets you experience freedom and gives you peace of mind. You know that revenue keeps coming in. You’re on the path towards financial freedom.

Don’t wait until retirement to live your dream life. Your business can facilitate your dream life now. Regardless of what your dream life looks like. Some days it might be hanging out with your family, while other days you want to do voluntary work or travel the world. Maybe you want to live on a tropical island like me.

The sky is the limit if you start running your business as a CEO.

“I’m a business coach by trade and a traveller, Foodie and global citizen by heart. I can often be found drinking cappuccino in a cozy cafe or tucked away on the couch with a good book. “


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