Testimonial Checklist

How to get great testimonials for your business

How to get great testimonials for your business

Testimonials can help you convince potential clients to work with you. It’s social proof that you’re great at what you do. It will go a long way in helping a client decide if you’re the right person to work with. After all, they’re handing over their hard-earned money for your services.  


Why you should always ask for a testimonial

A clients’ testimonial is a statement written by a happy client about your service. It outlines the benefits of your service, what they achieved while working with you, and why they would recommend it. It’s like searching for a restaurant. You are more likely to try a new restaurant if you have read a good review or if you see a lot of happy people inside. That is social proof that the restaurant is worth going to. Testimonials do the same for your business!

Basically, a testimonial will:  

  • Strengthen your credibility
  • Earn trust from prospective clients
  • Act as social proof of the quality of your service
  • Helps you claim your expert status

The know-like-trust-buy cycle

Testimonials are important for all businesses. It’s a useful tool to boost your credibility and legitimacy. Yet, even more so for start-ups or when you introduce a new service. It will help clients go faster through the know-like-trust-buy cycle. People first need to know you before they can start to like you. When they see more of you and/or your brand they can start to trust you. Potential clients go through the know-like-trust cycle before they (usually) want to buy something from you. Testimonials will enhance your credibility and help the potential client move through the know-like-trust cycle.   


Here are a few effective tips to get powerful testimonials


1. Helping your client write a great testimonial

Providing a framework to write an awesome testimonial will make the process easier for the client. You’re taking away any uncertainty about what to write. It also helps you to get a testimonial that highlights the area of your business that you want to showcase.  

Making an outline does not mean you want to get scripted answers. It simply helps the client to give engaging responses. Good questions often lead to focused answers. S0, crafting your questions carefully helps a lot.

Examples of questions to ask to get great testimonials from your client.  

  • What made you decide to work with me? 
  • What did you expect before working with me (result, feeling, etc.)?
  • What was the result of our working together?
  • What was the best thing about working together / about my service?
  • Why would you recommend my service to someone else?
  • What can I improve about my service?  

That’s right. The last one isn’t specifically to broadcast on the web. It’s for you to keep improving your service. If someone decided not to work with you, you could consider asking “what made you decide not to work with me?” or “what can I improve for you to consider working with me in the future?” This will help you improve your service and your sales process.


2.     Opt for a video testimonial, if possible

Getting some testimonials on video is even more valuable. You can use these 20-30 second videos on your website, your social media accounts, and send it to your newsletter subscribers. In the video, the client can talk about the experience and result of choosing your service over others.


3.     How and when to ask a client for a testimonial

Strike while the iron is hot! The timing of asking your client for a testimonial is crucial. Ask right after you complete a project or finish coaching your client. The client is happy with the results so you might as well seize the moment and ask for a testimonial.

You can ask your client for a testimonial in various ways. For example through an email, phone call, or a video call. Either way, always tailor your request to the client. A little personal attention will go a long way in getting your request granted. 


4.     Giving back 

Feeling a bit uncomfortable while asking for a review? Offer to write one for them in return. You could write a testimonial for their LinkedIn account or website. When you worked on a project together, you could write about the level of professionalism or great communication skills which made the project flow easily. If you were coaching your client, you can write a statement about the transformation you’ve seen, the amazing communication skills, and willingness to learn.  


Testimonials from clients will help boost your credibility. It helps potential clients trust you and guides them in deciding if your service is right for them. Provide honest testimonials, so soon you can add new satisfied clients to your list.  

Grab the testimonial checklist below and start gathering great testimonials to boost your business. 
Testimonial Checklist